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Ami Paris Alexandre Mattiussi Clothing

Ami Paris has gained a reputation for its modern elegance and effortless style. It captivates fashion fans worldwide with our clothing store. We have cool hoodies, tees, and sweatshirts. Ami Paris is popular for its unique fashion style. People flock to Ami Paris for its fusion of Parisian chic and urban edge. Each piece has sophistication but is still approachable. They cater to people who seek both comfort and refinement in their wardrobe. The brand focuses on detail. We use quality fabrics and impeccable craftsmanship. We make every garment feel luxurious and worn. Moreover, Ami Paris embodies understated coolness. It’s for those who like subtle clothing styles. Hoodies, tees, and sweatshirts mix versatility with fashion. They go from casual to formal.

Who is AMI Paris?

Alexandre Mattiussi was born in 1980. He studied fashion design at the famous Duperré school in Paris. He had formative experiences in various fashion houses in Paris, Milan, and New York. Then, in 2011, Mattiussi made the bold choice to start his own brand. In 2017, AMI introduced its De Coeur logo. It quickly became a hallmark of the brand. The logo is featured across its diverse range. It is especially notable in the oversized knits. Fast forward to January 2018. AMI made a big stride. It unveiled its first ‘Menswear for Women’ collection at the AW18 showcase. This groundbreaking move entailed adapting and refining men’s styles for women. It marked a key moment in the brand’s evolution.

AMI was established in Paris. The city forever influenced the brand. It presents fashionable, versatile clothing collections for both men and women. They seamlessly merge casual and elegant styles. The brand’s name, AMI, comes from the French word for “friend.” This cleverly mixes with the initials of its founder, Alexandre Mattiussi. AMI captures a distinct Parisian nonchalance. A laid-back, genuine and welcoming demeanor marked it.

ami paris clothing

Telll us About the Name and Heart Logo

“Ami” means friendship in French. This perfectly aligns with the warm and welcoming essence of my approach. It is made from my initials and the last letter of my name. It stands for connection and friendship. The heart emblem is a new signature. It’s called “ami de coeur” or “AMI of hearts” in English. It brings to mind youth, playfulness, and freedom.

AMI collaborations

AMI is an established mens wear brand in the luxury world. It has become a sought-after collaboration. The brand has teamed up with partners like Moncler and EASTPAK. They made capsule collections with these partners. The collections bring AMI’s signature Parisian style into each partnership.


The coming together of AMI and Moncler is a French fashion fantasy. Moncler’s performance-wear jackets have a long-established heritage. They pair well with the high-end casual style of AMI. It’s a winning combination. It offered a collection of jackets, sweaters, blazers, and accessories. The first of AMI’s collaborations set the scene for the coming years.



The collection aligns with Alexandre’s AW17 collection. AMI worked with EASTPAK on three bags. The designs in his runway shows inspired it. They gave a modern edge to the urban and sporty style of classic EASTPAK bags.


In AW17, AMI also released their collaboration with iconic ready-to-wear giant GAP. The collection was part of the ‘Best Menswear Designers on the Planet’ program. GQ created the program. The collaboration brought together both brands’ signature looks. It combined the fancy shapes of AMI with the basic parts of GAP’s designs. The collection also saw the Ami de Coeur logo merged with GAP’s logo.



The AMI x Smiley World collaboration brought the chilling vibes of both brands together. It aims to quite literally make you smile. The original inventor made a yellow smiley face in the 70’s. The partnership features Alexandre’s red beanie. The collection included best-selling AMI staples. They all had iconic smiley faces.


It was the height of the rainy season in Europe. AMI Paris collaborated with the original inventor of the Pac-a-Mac! Parisian brand K-WAY is the go-to brand for lightweight rainproof jackets. It provided the perfect combination of functionality and style. The collection had six raincoats. They had a vintage feel and bold colors.

AMI X kway


Earlier this year, AMI teamed up with sportswear giant PUMA for a collaboration. It embraced positive energy of friendship. AMI’s expertise is apparent with quality materials and laid-back Parisian tailoring. The range includes simple, comfortable essentials. It has a wool coat, relaxed sweatshirts, and staple fleeces for cold weather.

Ami Paris Clothing Line

People are drawn to wearing Ami Paris clothing. It has a sophisticated yet effortless style. We design to blend classic Parisian elegance with modern urban touches. It appeals to those who like simple and timeless fashion. Ami Paris uses high-quality materials and great attention to detail. They offer versatile pieces that have understated chicness. This makes them coveted by people. They seek both comfort and style in their clothes.

AMI Womenswear

In 2019, Alexandre Mattiussi launched his first womenswear line. Accessibility was the focus of the collection. The latest SS22 collection is titled ‘Le Echapée Belle’, meaning a great escape or a close call. In it, Mattiussi nods in the hope that this is the last show affected by the pandemic. The park was abandoned. But it felt like the party was starting. Cut-out, slinky silhouettes were present for spring. There were party-ready pieces made of sheer, crystal-embellished tops and dresses. There were also leather bralettes and a pair of hot shorts.

Ami Alexandre Mattiussi for men

Ami means friend in French. Parisian designer Alexandre Mattiussi found it in 2011. The menswear line has two-button suits and five-pocket jeans. It also has casual wear, dress clothes, activewear, shoes, and accessories. He epitomizes modern Parisian style with his own label. His collections blend casual elegance with urban sophistication. They offer men refined, relaxed clothes. The clothes capture the spirit of modern French fashion.

Ami Pairs Hoodie

The Ami pairs Hoodie is a versatile and stylish choice for casual wear. It has tonal Ami de Coeur chest embroidery. It also has subtle AMI embroidery under the back neckline. The ami paris hoodie is quietly sophisticated. Adding side drawstrings customizes the fit for personalization and comfort. It is made from 20% cotton and 80% polyester. This makes it durable and gives it a soft, cozy feel. This shows a commitment to sustainability. This pullover hood has a fashion-forward design and eco-conscious materials. It is a smart choice for a modern wardrobe.

Ami Pairs T-shirt

Feel stylish and comfortable in an Ami Paris T-shirt embroidered with chic designs. The shirt is made of light-colored cotton, creating an elegant and casual appearance. It is crafted from high-quality cotton jersey knit, providing a luxurious feel on the skin for all-day comfort. The Ami Pairs T-shirt has short sleeves and a straight hem, making it timeless. It’s made of 90% cotton and 10% polyester for durability and easy care. You can get it in many colors. You can easily elevate your everyday style with it. It’s a versatile wardrobe essential. Explore our store to indulge in these must-have T-shirts. They have irresistible prices and embody effortless French flair in every color.

Why you need an Ami Paris sweater

The Ami De Coeur sweater is the brand’s signature style. You definitely need it in your wardrobe! The knitters use an organic cotton and wool blend to knit the Ami sweater. It has the Ami de Coeur monogram. The monogram comes from the signature has been using at the end of notes to his friends since childhood. It embodies the brand’s core values: love, friendship, and kindness. The Ami Paris sweatshirt is unisex, and it makes for the perfect wardrobe staple for fall, winter, and spring, too. You will find different silhouettes. These include crewnecks, V-necks, and cardigans. They come in a rainbow of colors. They all capture the brand’s mix of Parisian nonchalance and sophistication. You can pair an Ami Paris sweater with any outfit, from baggy jeans to tailored pants to a skirt. You will look put together, and stylish!

How does Ami Paris fit?

Ami Paris makes clothes in sizes XXXS to 5XL for both men and women. Some Ami Paris items, like T-shirts and hoodies, are meant to fit a bit loose. We like the loose fit of Ami Paris clothes, but you might like a tighter fit. If so, you can choose a smaller size.

For the iconic sweaters, they are unisex. We advise women to go down one size and men to get their normal size. As for the men’s and women’s shirts, they fit true to size. Ami Paris pants also fit true to size. Some models have a relaxed fit. But this time, we talk against sizing down. They might be too tight at the waistband.

Where is Ami Paris on sale?

Ami Paris has flagship stores worldwide in New York, London, Beijing, and Paris. If you prefer to shop from home and want to save up to 40% on Ami Paris, look no further than our store. We carry a wide selection of Ami Paris sweaters for men and women. They include the iconic Ami Paris sweater, pants, and shirts.